Consultancy Services

The typical clients for my consultancy services are MNC’s and funded startups. I either engage them directly or via ad, UX and other agencies. From my experience, those that easily see the value of what I do, are those that have had projects and vendor relationships go bad in the past. A lot of time and money is wasted on projects that are not created to scale and where relationships break down and my services significantly reduce the chance of that happening.

The precise activities that I recommend for your project will depend on the needs of your business and project, but I offer the following:

Technical Vendor or Digital Startup Evaluation.

A service typically delivered to MNC clients or investors who are considering acquisition of a technology vendor. I can assess the vendor for quality, technology USP, technical capability, scalability and substance before you acquire or invest in them.

Consultant Engagement Models

Project Based

Following an initial one-hour discussion (free of charge) to better understand the project and what value I can add, I will provide an estimate for my expected time on the project. Note that this is an estimate and subject to change, I do not work on a fixed-price basis. I can add the most value in digital transformation efforts and custom cloud platforms - especially if they are a good fit for serverless architecture on AWS.

Retainer Contract

A contract typically utilized by ad agencies, marketing and design agencies and larger technical vendors that have frequent projects but do not have (enough) internal solution architects or serverless specialists. Please make sure to check availability first - certainly if there is a preference for specific week day(s). I can work on-site at any location of your choosing and, if you prefer, can represent your company instead of Binary Thinktank when meeting your clients. Besides a lower rate, the benefit of a retainer contract is that it ensures my availability for the contracted hours.

Ad-hoc Consultancy & Training

At a discounted price for new startups and nonprofits, this service helps to get you on the right track with your digital projects. I can provide insights and recommendations to help you better understand your digital needs, opportunities and limitations.