Our Values

Companies without purpose or values struggle with their identity, with attracting talent and with taking control and building their culture. The first step in any innovation journey is to help your organisation know who it is and what it stands for. Below, you can find what we believe in and what drives us.


Free the innovators, advance the world


We aspire to be the world’s most helpful innovation agency


By helping people rediscover their innovation traits, we empower them to raise the creative bar of their businesses and innovate the world.

Company values

Freedom to innovate

Innovation, creativity and storytelling thrives in freedom. Hierarchy, bureaucracy, silos, are all the antithesis of change.

Always happy to help

Help your colleagues to be the best version of themselves, help clients to achieve the best outcome, help the business and your team to perform better. Help people to find their purpose and be happy.

Make yourself redundant

We want to solve problems, transfer knowledge and move on to the next exciting thing. We will help you upskill and hire the right people to continue your innovation journey without us.

Invest time in understanding the users

Users come first, if we are creating solutions then the user needs to drive the requirements, what problems are we solving? Be humble, really listen to what they are saying and observe what they do.

Learning never stops

Always be open to learn new things, go out of your way to upskill and become a better version of yourself. If something has been working perfectly for a while it’s time to shake it up and find a way to improve it.

You have to make time for children

Children are the future. Whether it’s your own children, local children or disadvantaged children, find ways to support and make time to mentor and grow them.