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About Binary Thinktank

Binary Thinktank is a Singapore based independent solution architecture consultancy fully owned by Thomas Smart. We offer services such as ideation, project scoping, design, risk mitigation, budget planning and vendor evaluation for digital projects. We are quite selective about the projects we accept and they are typically innovative, highly scalable web and mobile applications with serverless API back-ends.

Our focus is on consultancy, design and scoping digital projects, and evaluating and briefing technical vendors. We bridge the communication barriers between clients and developers and manage expectations on all fronts. The direct result of our services are projects that complete on budget, on time and at the expected level of quality.

The approach we take seeks to find a balance between Waterfall and Agile. While for the most part following Agile practices, we include more research at the start of the project, focusing on those areas that are likely to have the biggest impact on the timeline. Remaining known risks are mitigated through a calculated risk margin based on over a decade of historical data. An easy-to-follow scoping template is available to give project teams a practical means to implement the approach and become more Agile with their projects.

About Thomas Smart

Thomas has worked in the digital industry since 2003 when he started his first digital solutions business “BE inspired”. After selling BE inspired in 2009, Thomas moved to Hong Kong and later to Singapore. Providing digital and innovation consulting services around the region to funded start-ups and multinationals.



You can reach Thomas via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomasjsmart, Skype: thomasjsmart or email: info at binarythinktank dot com