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About Binary Thinktank

Hello! I am Thomas Smart, and Binary Thinktank is my outlet for my approach to scoping and management of digital projects. My blog contains freely available information on a range of topics, while my book “Essential Steps” goes into more detail with specific guidance for scoping digital projects. While my approach is largely aimed at Multinational Corporations (MNCs), startups can also benefit from some of the key insights and approaches that I talk about.

I have been an enthusiastic Agile supporter for quite some time, but soon realized that strict Agile is difficult to implement for multinational corporations and other large businesses. Such entities need to be able to assign budgets early in the project timeline and require estimates to be as accurate as possible. This is one of the reasons many such business still use the Waterfall methodology which is notoriously bad for managing custom web and mobile development projects.

My approach seeks to find a balance between Waterfall and Agile. While for the most part following Agile practices, I include more research at the start of the project, focusing on those areas that are likely to have the biggest impact on the timeline. Remaining potential risks are mitigated through a calculated risk margin based on over a decade of historical data. An easy-to-follow scoping template is available to give project teams a practical means to implement the approach and become more Agile with their projects.

Binary Thinktank used to be a commercial consultancy offering services around this approach and managing the project and all involved implementation vendors. This came to an end when I joined Lloyds Register as Digital Project Delivery Lead in early 2017. Over the course of 3 businesses in 3 different countries since 2003, I have helped many clients across a range of industries and sizes. The following is just a selection of the variety of businesses I have been fortunate enough to have worked with.


Although no longer an active consultant, I am happy to answer any questions about my approach and the book. I live in Singapore (GMT+8) and you can reach me via email or LinkedIn.